St Louis Martial Arts 

Don’t settle for just one form of martial arts; with our St Louis martial arts class, you can master the essence of several forms of martial arts in just one class! Our St Louis mixed martial arts program teaches our students to utilize all parts of their body as a defense against their opponents. We teach our St Louis Kickboxing students the core values of Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate to create an infusion of the most lethal fighting methods.

Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts 

Sure, there are benefits associated with all forms of martial arts. But, by enrolling as a student of our St Louis MMA classes, you’ll attain benefits like no other. Not only will you condition your body for strength, endurance and maximum aesthetic appeal. You’ll also follow the instruction of some of the top St Louis MMA trainers and…

Learn techniques used in several respected forms of martial arts

Become mentally and physically prepared for facing all types of attacks

Discover how to rely on every part of your body as a weapon

Create a beneficial outlet for relieving stress

Increase muscle definition in abs, calves and arms

Lose weight and tighten up flabby areas

St Louis Martial Arts like No Other! 

Our St Louis martial arts program boasts one of our most intricately designed lesson plans. We take your personal needs into account and for that reason we’ve made a conscious effort to make our classes easily accessible throughout the week. We don’t want you to commit to a class that isn’t right for you. Unlike other martial arts schools in the area we offer our prospective students a trial class. Take a commitment-free trial class. If you decide it isn’t for you, you can try another form of martial arts or simply end the experience. Contact us now to schedule a trial class!